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Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits - Chapter One | November 19th 2012

Featuring hits like Because of You, Since U Been Gone and Kelly’s new single Catch My Breath

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Kelly Clarkson - Greatest Hits ; Chapter One (Cover Controversy).

Aesthetically, I like the first cover, much, much better. She looks beautiful! Possibly the most gorgeous picture she’s ever taken.. But the OCD in me likes the second cover more, because she’s centered & looking straight ahead. Her hair is blowing which fills the picture, and the background is blue which blends in with the border. A lot of fans are complaining they don’t like the border — but I do; it’s pretty. It makes it stand out as a Greatest Hits compilation album rather than just another regular album. From what I’m hearing/reading, most fans like one cover or the other (the majority being the first cover,) but I’m luckily, I’m in the minority who could take either one because of the reasons listed above. Either way, we’re getting one beautiful cover for Kelly’s Greatest Hits album. And no matter which one is finally chosen.. this will beat all of her five studio albums’ covers. Well, maybe not My December.. But I’m so damn happy we finally have a 100% Blonde Kelly on an album cover!!!

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It’s so pretty. But I HATE that there’s a duet w/ Vince Gill. Like seriously?!?! Kelly’s a pop artist & her first Greatest Hits album will have two duets, and they’re both country….. Smh. She’s recorded with Reba, with Jason Aldean… Not P!nk.. Not Katy, Not Adele… But Vince Gill?!

Love the cover.

And seriously.. Why is IBHFC on it?!?! It bugs me.

Love the cover. She looks gorgeous.

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My prediction for Kelly’s Greatest Hits; Chapter 1..

1.) Catch My Breath
2.) Miss Independent
3.) Never Again
4.) Behind These Hazel Eyes
5.) Since U Been Gone
6.) Already Gone
7.) Walk Away
8.) Because of You
9.) My Life Would Suck Without You
10.) What Doesn’t Kill You
11.) Mr. Know It All
12.) *New Song*
13.) *New Song*
14.) Beautiful Disaster [New Version] (lol, somewhat joking.. But anything is possible..)
15.) Breakaway
16.) A Moment Like This (2012)

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Why is everyone saying Catch My Breath is coming out October 16th?!
Kelly, herself, said next week..

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Catch My Breath next week!
& Greatest Hits ; Chapter One next month!!!!!

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