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Watch Christina go all fan girl on Biebs to make up for the shade she threw him two weeks ago..

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Oh, my God.. at these Christina stans pulling at strings to find a way to justify her horrible behavior last night.

Her stans wouldn’t have said a damn thing if people didn’t stick up for Tony first.

It’s unknown whether or not Adam & Tony picked that song to sing to Christina. Her stans made that up as a way to make her look like the victim rather than Tony.

At least what we know, we know as fact, we didn’t have to make up the fact that she was a bitch. We seen it with our own eyes.

And if they did pick that song to sing to her. It was well deserved by the way she has been acting.

No one is telling her to sit down and shut up. She has every right - just as much of right as Adam, Blake & Cee Lo - to have an opinion, but she doesn’t have to be so rude and she doesn’t need to take things so far.

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lol at all the christina stans defending her behavior last night on the voice. quit posting lyrics to can’t hold us down, we get it, a lot of her songs are about women empowerment, and for the record, i’ve never met a christina song i didn’t like. ..but last night she was disrespectful, rude, spiteful & innapropriate. i’m sick of the quotes about how if a woman is strong, independent, powerful and has an opinion then she’s instantly classified as a bitch. that’s not the case. i’m all for women having an opinion, it doesn’t make her a bitch. there’s a big difference between having an opinion and being a bitch. christina crossed that line.

before i continue, i’d like to say, i’m a huge christina fan. i’ve loved her since she was trapped in a bottle, stripped is one of, if not my all time favorite album ever. ..but she severely pissed me off last night.

i think adam is very sincere, funny & takes the competition seriously.. without being too competitive. he works hard for his singers and i think he and tony picked a great song and made it brand new, it was awesome. i really don’t think the song was aimed towards her, although, if it was, it was kind of well deserved..

i’m not sure if her problem is with tony or adam at this point but it definitely looks like she has a personal vendetta against one or both men.. or maybe she’s taking the competition too seriously? i have no clue.

lastly.. her initial comment about the song being derogatory only pissed me off a little bit. by the way she’s been acting the past few weeks, i half expected it. it was insanely rude to point out to him that his wife and daughter were in the audience, basically saying he has no respect for the women in his life.. for all she knows, he’s the best husband and father in the world.


..this really isn’t what pissed me off. what pissed me off is when she jumped on stage with chris and chanted, ‘this is a real man; respects women!’


she pushed it too far and was so rude. all of it was completely uncalled for.

The End.

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Why is Christina such a bitch ?!

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Christina Aguilera has a rare talent..

..of making every critique about her somehow. I’m still a fan but damn, gurl !

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