mattzus said: Let's do, Femme Fatale vs Circus TTWE Vs Womanizer, HIAM vs. Circus, Inside Out Vs. Out From Under, I Wanna Go Vs. Kill the Lights, How I Roll Vs. Shattered Glass, DDD Vs. If U Seek Amy, SIWAK Vs. Unusual You, BFB Vs. Blur, Trouble For Me Vs. Mmm Papi, TTYH Vs. Mannequin, Gasoline Vs. Lace and Leather, My Baby Vs. Criminal

(THIS IS TOO HARD) Womanizer.
(This one is hard too!) Circus.
Inside Out.
I Wanna Go.
Shattered Glass.
If U Seek Amy.
Seal It With a Kiss.
Big Fat Bass.
Trouble For Me.
(Not a fan of either one tbh.) Mannequin.