I LOVE what they did with the album booklet, but there are a couple things that annoy me tbh..

They showed pictures of the Never Again video before the Because of You video. BOY should be on the page replacing NA, and instead of saying “2004-2007,” it should say, “2004-2005,” they weren’t finished with the Breakaway era. They jumped ahead to the My December era and then back to Breakaway on the next page..

There are no pictures from Walk Away, I Do Not Hook Up and/or Dark Side.. I can do without Dark Side & IDNHU tbh.. But Kelly was SMOKIN’ HOT in the Walk Away video..

The All I Ever Wanted era page says, “2007 - 2012” …big mistake. It has pictures of Because of You, MLWSWY & Already Gone, so it should really say, “2005 - 2009.” The Never Again pictures should be on this page instead of BOY, so it really should say, “2007-2009.” I don’t know where they got 2012 from… Nothing on that page is recent..

Also, they should’ve used the DS single cover instead of the IBHFC single cover tbh..

Other than those mistakes, I love the booklet.. It’s gorgeous. Love the five new photos, and I’m happy with the photos they used from each era.. Although, we didn’t get one from the Breakaway era, which was her biggest (just noticed this now). The picture from the MD era is one of my favs though!

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    That is the ugliest effing Greatest Hits album I’ve ever seen… And it’s not even in a digipack like the cover suggested....
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    i have to buy this one too!? the things i do for this woman, lol.
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    wtf, i have to buy this one too!? the things i do for this woman, lol.
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